wired glass

Wired Glass is a kind of reinforced safe and decorative flat glass with wired mesh embedded in the glass by a special mesh unwinding system during glass forming.


 1. Fireproof Safety: Wired glass is suitable to be used as an efficient fireproof material. Even if wired glass breaks in the fire, the fragments will still connect with each other by the wire meshes and will not fall down, which prevents fire spreading.

 2. Shock Resistant Safety: Even if wired glass broke in shocking, the fragments will still be connected by the wire meshes and will not fall down.

Maximum size 1830*2440mm
Thickness Single panel:6mm

Laminated panel:


Fireproof time 90 minutes
Basic panel Clear, ultra clear glass, colored glass
Frame SS available
Shape Curve, flat
Film color clear, milky white, green and so on
Application Housing, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, commercial building, bathroom

Doors, windows, partitions, ceilings, curtain walls, stairs, tables

Sightseeing elevators, banks,

showrooms, floors, villa




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